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How I Develop My Workshops...

My methodology is based on one key belief: that people who participate and engage learn better. Whether trying to change beliefs, behaviors or develop skills, lecturing is simply not as effective as active learning. 

Why? Because: 

→ People are naturally resistant to change (and resistance can kill a new project)
→ Adults are easily bored in lectures - but love interactive, hands-on learning. 
→ It's nearly impossible to make people change - unless there's something in it for them. 
→ People need to "buy into" programs before they will participate whole-heartedly.

With experience in fields ranging from sales, marketing and business management to teaching, writing and the performing arts (like improv theater), I combined the relevant (and sometimes the seemingly irrelevant) elements of each to develop a unique approach to corporate education, workshops, management, team building and learning.

I get people to actively participate in whatever experience I create so that new knowledge, behaviors and skills "stick." That approach, together with my background in business, psychology and learning, makes me uniquely qualified to create and deliver programs that generate results - guaranteed.

In developing MIVISTA, I drew from both traditional and newer learning and behavior theories, including Deep Learning, Experiential Learning, Andragogy (as opposed to Pedagogy), Myers-Briggs Type Theory, Enneagrams, Evolutionary Psychology, Behaviorism and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I use the Socratic Method throughout all programs, which contributes to making learning an active, engaging process.


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